Style without compromise


Soft shimmering and flashing metal on details, a natural beauty of wood, a delicate overall appearance and hues, and certain pieces of furniture subtly done (glass cabinets, beds, chandeliers etc.) surely are the greatest potential of this project. Unconventional luxury indicates an intimate atmosphere of the living room and a new life code,with a little sign by history. Sophisticated and intimate. Refuses to identify with luxury, meaning it is not flamboyant. Baroque influence, details, works of art are the very source of inspiration for this project with uniquely color coded shades. Baxter armchair is an expression of timeless elegance and in it the entire essence of space lies. In a constant search for comfort, that is set as a priority, there is no compromise to design. Warm wood, creamy white marble, caramel and chocolate shaded leather, delicate shade of walls, all indicate a subtle discreet style.

Potpis Nenad Zivojinovic