Scavolini showroom
in Belgrade


Italian showroom in downtown Belgrade, Scavolini, is the very first of its kind in Serbia. Since it needed to meet the standard criteria and values of ​​Scavolini campaign, it also had to provide additional value and authenticity. This added value is reflected in functionality and space organization, a functioning mode within, and ambient design that confirms and promotes the company level of such quality. As Scavolini kitchens are special and unique, it was important to separate them from one another and enable visitors to experience each in a special way so the space besides every kitchen is beautifully complemented by a compatible living or dining rooms, creating sections that give a sense of home atmosphere. Scavolini company itself takes much care of each individual, which is a very personal approach and therefore a logical one in establishing and then creating ambience. It gives the impression of original and recognizable home which is the very aim of the Scavolini brand.

Potpis Nenad Zivojinovic