This project uses harmony and creativity to create a perfect living experience.To achieve harmony in a living space, one that meets all of the owner's criteria, is a unique life and work experience and is always a big challenge, because all people are complex. In this complexity, that's where all the problems are, but also are solutions that create harmony in terms of aesthetics, function and emotion. In my opinion blending and combining styles are the way to harmony in the sense of aesthetics. People don't know and don't really need to know styles, but they recognize the very feeling that such environment makes, and only by that choose the norm. Reason in such process of creating is the most important, since if there is any - that will create a unique space. In this case, eccentricity of the owner is the key, followed by colors, carefully chosen details, as well as individual and personal material selection. This space has the exact amount of warm aesthetic, it's truly a household, even with its salon dimensions with high ceilings and openings for this type of buildings, and a large part of authentic items preserved. This, in many ways striking apartment, has a daring mix of materials as well as a combination of the old and new, a characteristic pretty dominant in design.

Potpis Nenad Zivojinovic