Nice to
meet you.

My name is Nenad Živojinović and I'm an architect specialized in design and planning. To present my idea in a best possible way, realistic 3D rendering and modeling is something that I perfected. Most representative part of my work is certainly architecture that always have exploring, intelligent concepts and well thought-out design methodology behind. I would say it's a good way to get to a perfect architecture that benefits people with high aesthetic category. Expertise and talent surely are important qualities, but in my opinion, versatility, desire to move forward and great persistence are the most important. Only in this way bravely dealing with challenges makes me more focused and allows me to grow, to progress.

What I do

Primarily, I truly love what I do.
A simple idea is at my work's heart. But behind, a great amount of passion, energy and commitment lies. I channel all my ideas, thoughts and creativity to help clients achieve their ambitions, never underestimating how large and tough they can be. The very essence of my work is finding conflict, but relentless in my approach is to understand and be flexible in order to achieve compromise which earns trust. It's quite a long process sometimes, but I believe that is a right way. My clients and I learn a lot from it. And it's worth it.


Architecture is mostly a social science because it serves the humanity and its needs. Design process is the right place and track where a true value of a project is created. When you're original and have integrity, it's simply a matter of finding the right tools. Behavioral approach to architecture is my way that, by creating space, have a certain effect on people's habits and establish socially useful architecture.